i feel the above way about our show together. it also gave us a nice preview of our wedding! from the beginning when i was running around with a staple gun to hang up signs outside and chasing the gallery dog ziggy stardust with niece nora by my side, to the middle of the show where everywhere i turned there were people i loved and so little time to talk to each person and an overall swell of pride and joy.

pale hoarse
thank you everyone who came. especially to the band pale hoarse! how talented and lucky were we to have them play. they’ll be having their record release this thursday at adobe books.
kids chillin'
we also had surprise visitors from maine! my little 17 year old bro andrew called me an hour before the show and said he was in SF! my first reaction when listening to the message was that he must’ve run away from home… but then i realized his plane had been re-routed from a vacation in idaho with family friends. this made my night to see him and all the family friends!

the invites are all mine
another highlight for me was nephew nate rolling around in the invites doing a little performance art.

lots of talented friends with blogs showed: monica, katherine, giselle (so lovely to meet you!) and lisa… i’m sure i’m forgetting others, sorry!