photobooth friday: my mom
my mom came out to visit me in may during mom’s day and our open studios and we jumped into the video store’s photobooth. this is i think the only one where we are both not blinking!
i am feeling a bit homesick for my family and home. this is the first summer in the 6 years that i’ve lived in SF that i haven’t made a summertime visit back east. in august everyone is coming to us for our wedding, which of course i’m excited about! but, i can still feel homesick, right?
in the springtime my dad’s cousin jamie, and an inspiration for wanting to pursue illustration and moving to SF, visited with my family and snapped these photos and sent them my way. it’s funny to think about how inspiration is cyclical; jamie wrote that my mom was inspirational to her to move from the frenzied city pace to maine and have a life more like my mom’s. and here i am following in jamie’s footsteps…to maybe then to return to my mom’s perhaps!
so here’s the backyard in the springtime… chickens, a sturdy clothesline and a large garden with raspberry bushes and lots of deer. every time i call in the summer michael my step-dad is calling for her and seeing how far the cordless reaches here.
mom's backyard
the kitchen… yes there are fresh eggs that are the deepest yellows.
mom's kitchen
my mom’s chair she made out of belts from the “freebie barn”. it reminds me of my patchwork paintings!
mom's chair
and her sewing corner where she creates the most beautiful quilts made from recycled boiled down sweaters and currently flower girl dresses for our wedding:) above are woodprints made by my biological dad who died when i was a baby. i used to think that i inherited my dad’s craft in creating art, but now i can see that i also got the creativity from my mom.
mom's sewing corner with dad's woodprints
seen bigger here.