since i got double tagged by this seriously lovely blog rosas fragments here is more randomness and link loveage. i’m about to be taken by some of my favorite people on a surprise trip to Big Sur tomorrow and won’t be back to blogging till early next week! till then!

1. my friend meredith’s amazing curated collection of vintage love apple seed. i seriously want everything in it! run, don’t walk.

2. mini landscapes and yardsale canistersi heart my yardsale canisters that are perfect for brushes.

3. we feel fine Read the mission, then play with the interface. It’s neato.

4.i don’t think of myself as a photographer, so it’s extra nice that joanna asked for these prints.
photos for joanna

5. so you say bicycling is difficult… amazing.

6. mr. lee (funny in that is my step-dad’s name, too!) some incredible feline photos!

7. on the metro in paris, watch the crowd.

8.finally figuring out self-timing photos! hello from my newly clean room.
self-portrait self-timed