rare device opening
(rare device opening night… lovelyness.)

i’ve been really inspired this last week by the blogging community. like so many others it feeds me on a daily basis to check in with others and to absorb my own inspirations and then to put some out there. sometimes i feel too visually stimulated and need a break, so that i don’t feel myself getting smaller as an artist amidst the trends trying to keep up. other times i feel like i’m so supported and engaged with the authentic work and sharing of information that is out there. this week has been one of those, compounded by seeing some of these folks in person and feeling the genuine connection.

rare device’s opening was of course amazing and packed. i like that it afforded me a night to spend with shash, jenifer and her mister and to say hello to some other radiant people. (on a side note, i think artists and crafters have a particular kind of radiance about them because they are always curious, engaged with the world and creating). i particularly like this photo because shash pieced it together in such a visually compelling way and it speaks of all the components of our night together and the easy sharing and the swoosh of the evening of faces and conversation and beautiful things at rare device.

the design sponge meet-up was from my perspective incredibly invigorating to remember that i actually do have a small biz on etsy and as an artist and that i can incorporate business strategy to that! i forget that i need to advertise, send out press releases and network and actually treat it like a business. i’m inspired to step it up a notch and to take my shoppe more seriously and with passion that i bring as an artist. i ended up buying meg’s craft book after hearing her talk at the meet-up and am loving it.

all this to say is that it’s good to keep growing and paving your own path, but to not have to reinvent the wheel and remember you have support and community. we all have so much to offer in this world by way of beauty and invention in tiny and huge ways. keep going girls! and boys.