hugh and i bought the martha stewart halloween issue about a month ago and were intent upon having a totally spooked out kid’s party with cob webs, grape eyeballs and spaghetti guts. alas, schedules seemed to collide with the 5 kids we know, mostly nieces and a nephew. who knew the kiddies would all be so booked this time of year?
we ended up making these cool spider cupcakes from that issue with some improvisation of tic tac fangs. anyway, i think we actually just wanted to make everything ourselves as much as have the kids come over;)

speaking of spooky cuteness, i bought little bats from owly shadow puppets and love them and the owl and the yeti on this page (i guess the bats are gone).

another link that comes to mind that is simultaneously sweet dark and brilliant is to the persepolis movie. when is it coming out?!