hello favorites

i just wanted to say hello. and share photos that have inspired me over this month. i’m thinking about how i want to connect in this space. is it through only my art & process? sharing inspiration? the day to day? what does it all mean?

the blogs i like to read best share of truth and beauty and have consistency… regular postings that is. there has been a weird thing in my life (and i imagine yours?) where more and more people are blog, flickr, facebook, myspace savvy and there is more of an overlap of my people in real life with internet life. what to share and with whom? i felt when i started this blog it was only my little art & craft blog community, and a couple of friends and now because i used a nifty thing called a site meter (eek!) and i am curious about my audience and want to welcome you here! thank you for reading… i love your comments. feel free to at any point introduce yourselves:)

i started this blog as a way to process going back to art school and now that i’ve finished i’m recreating what this space is. i think beauty, truth and frequent postings is the way to go! any other suggestions?

sweet dreams,