elephant pyramid!

so today i decided to paint more and why not stacked? i added this print and a couple others to my shoppe

thank you all who came out of the woodwork in the last post. even if it’s just through words and pictures, it’s so nice to meet you. i have been thinking about changes… in my life and in this space. but i think the remarkable thing is they might just be small and unnoticeable, but huge mental shifts to me! am i being cryptic? it’s because i’m sorting it out myself as i type;) one thing i know for certain is that i’m feeling unstuck.

i’ve been most inspired by re-reading anne lamott’s “bird by bird: some instructions on writing and on life” and re-visiting the concept of one bird… or in my case elephant… at a time. diving back into my sketch book to look at old ideas which then breed new ones.

tonight i’m most certainly stopping by diana’s show at the candystore! i bought her calendar recently and it is so lovely. i cannot wait until 2008! i also bought for myself this strong & feminine talon necklace by jenny… you can see me wearing it here right after i tore open the package and received it from the postman. i love witnessing (and wearing!) jenny’s constant evolution as an artist.

the sweetest pins ever.
i also got these cute as punch pins from anke. available from her shop.

which reminds me, i took the pledge to buy handmade! i can honestly say, outside of art supplies, books and food, i have not bought anything not from etsy in the last 2 months! get ready for etsy holiday gifts friends & family!

thank you out there,