baby birds

my biggest fan lives over in australia and she has a self-professed shrine of my art! every time she buys a piece i am amazed and dance with glee and can literally breathe more freely because of her supporting me and my dream to live off of my art!

thank you kristin.

the craziest part about is that we just figured out that she knows and met my husband hugh through the melbourne office of the travel guide company they both worked at!

small small freaky wonderful world.

i dream of birds.

here are some new paintings available in my shop… welcome inside my head, and i’ve never tripped on acid despite my early hippie tendencies back when i liked phish and wore a hemp bracelet (that lasted only my senior year of highschool, trust me).

i need not make excuses for the trippy colors and patterns in my head. i think the next one will be all pattern all the time.