in this year i want to:

1. learn to sew.
2. make my own curtains.
3. get a produce box or buy weekly from farmer’s market.
4. step up my exercise: research martial arts, marathons & personal trainers.
5. finish & then send off my children’s book & then publish it!
6. launch my new website in january!
7. spend the time to cook & eat slowly and at a table.
8. meditate daily.
9. figure out credit.
10. earn X amount of $.
11. have a solo show.
12. travel to italy and research WOOF.
13. have internet free weekends and nights.
14. go to nova scotia.
15. explore portland, oregon.
16. visit friends in seattle.
17. paint our living room.
18. get a coffee table that works.
19. go to the ocean more!
20. go on hikes!
21. yoga once a week or more.
22. learn to drive in san francisco.
23. drive with hugh cross country, or at least halfway.
24. teach a class.
25. research home buying.
26. go to the dentist.
27. get a new bike.
28. simplify.
29. have friends over for dinner weekly instead of going out.
30. get good butt jeans.
31. get a nice everyday sweater.
32. get new running shoes that don’t have holes in them!

I think my 32nd year is about being practical, simplifying, taking care, being strong, basic and continuing to grow from that foundation through my art. not saying goodbye to the glitter, sparkle and wild days of yesteryear, but i feel confident that those will be with me, are part of me. i got my branches, now i want the roots! happy day to you too!