my new website is launched!
it’s finally up!!! check it:
(if you looked at it recently before the launch you’ll have to reload your pages- command R!)
oh my goodness, what a dream. i’ve been working so hard getting this together and my awesome web designer even harder! i whole heartedly recommend christine- very professional, thorough and talented.

i think i made the last site with my husband hugh about 3 years ago and it was a torturous experience because, well we were dating, but also it wasn’t built in a way that could be updated so shortly after i entered art school and learned & grew so much (3 years of painting is a lot of growth regardless of school!) and quickly despised the old work. what is interesting to me about this website’s portfolio (there are 2 art pages in case you don’t see the 1 and 2 on the bottom) is that it caused me to look through my work closely and i realized some of my favorite work was at the beginning of art school when i was most true to myself and own ideas and now it is returning to that imagery with hopefully some improvements.

finally i can knock this off my to do list, dream list & goal list (until i need another re-design, hee)! yay!

thanks for looking!