hello friends,

jena at modish peeked in my studio

sweet jena at modish peeked in on my studio and my shifting inspiration if you want to take a look at her blog and upcoming on-line store (that i hope to be selling in soon!). i love the idea of focusing on style for a handmade life. yes.

in other news (i always feel like i’m saying the fake news on SNL when i write this because it’s always non momentous… like “in other news, i got a haircut!” but that’s a lie… i’m merely dreaming of a haircut… a sweet bob with platinum streaks to shine through the SF rain would be nice. yes maybe soon we will meet dear scissors.) tangent aside, in other news, i started my new part-time job today at the textile design place and LOVE it. i’m already learning so much. plus, i get to make inspiration boards, look at trend forecasting and fashion mags (my guilty pleasure). there’s a lot of hard work ahead and my head is pounding with all the new information, but *pinch* me i’m on cloud 9 today! and hugh’s making me dinner, so it’s all around a good night. gotta go set the table now.