hello there muffins,

(my friend kate called me muffin on the phone tonight and i thought it so cute. so now i will call all of you that too.)

i’m feeling excited by a lot of things tonight! i take off tomorrow morning for beloved New Mexico:) i cannot wait! to see my darling college roomie jessie, more friends, georgia o’s ghost, green chiles, a hot tub soak, a massage maybe? reading. plane magazines. art. did i mention hugh & i applied for a joint show at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque that is happening January 2009? so now it’s a business trip too to check out the space and plan our show. this is an amazing venue that i went to over 8 years ago and thought… wow, i want to be an artist, and now i’m having a show there. a full circle dream come true.

OK, something i am very very very excited about is this collaboration between one of my favorite online peeps: moodswing + matirose= true love indeed
tiny suspect
this is just a teaser… more soon!

let’s see i also wanted to THANK all of you amazing bloggers for putting the word out about our Italy adventure:) In particular some of my favorite design blogs: Modish, Design for Mankind, Poppytalk and my girly show tribe: Sparkletopia, Marisa, Outi, Boho and Christine So excited that several people are signing up! We need a total of 12 participants to make it a go, so please pass the word out on this once in a lifetime journey!

and last, but not least, i want to give a shout out to the lovely Jenifer of Sprout Studios for hosting a bunch of us blogger girls over for dinner in her awesome live/work loft. so fun! Here are the rings Jenifer made us… necklaces too! I also recently did an amazing trade of art for a skateboard based on Jenifer’s silkscreen! LOVE it.

Have lovely weeks all!