i am in love with all of you who commented and share the parachute mems. REAlly we should all meet at Dolores Park with a Parachute someday soon, and then on to Kansas and Wyoming and all the lands that you may live. (I am particularly jealous of Geek + Nerd who was small enough to be in the middle of the chute! I was too tall, even then)

(edit- i started writing this before the weekend and lo and behold i went to my nephew nate’s b-day party sunday and there was a parachute!!!!)

i feel like the image of the parachute is a good one right now with how i’m feeling about the blogger world. Supported by a community of people who are there to grow upwards. i’m feeling very full with is my love for my friends in general and specifically those initially made via the blogs.

i just updated my website’s news page and realized so many of these adventures and collaborations were born from the here and now of blogger friends. I am so excited for all the new developments from here to 2009!

for example, lisa congdon and i are having a show in cleveland together in october! very exciting! i spent a recent saturday night with lisa c at an art auction with some other amazing artists. lisa’s rad. we had a blast like always together + i won a dream bike! yep. more on that later.

kelly rae… what can i say about kelly? from the very beginning i knew this girl and i would be fast friends. here we are discussing the finer points of ahem…the bachelor. yep, we got sucked into the charisma of the english bachelor. her man john was the perfect bachelor… i mean husband, and plied us with food the entire time. let’s just say there is a light about kelly that shines on and we are brimming with creative projects together. including our ITALY trip + her book!!!! which i happen to have a chapter in and you can pre-order it here signed with a print!

jenifer lake aka sprout and her mister. i love her and i love them. i had the best time the other weekend at the farmer’s market and then spontaneously exploring the lone dirt road of the city. and then again this past weekend. pinky swearing here. one of her mister’s famous wide shots here. we are both doing the renegade craft fair in july! wahoo!

animal pyramid

in shoppe news, i made a new sweet print. i am really excited about it and literally ran to show hugh when he came home from lunch. sometimes you have an idea and it works! i have been eager to try digitally coloring my work. i also love that it perfectly fits in my IKEA frame and matte too. yay!

pyramid print framed