for fredflare’s NEXT BIG THING contest!
fredflare's NEXT BIG THING!

of course, i’d love it if you voted for me. it only takes 1 second and i would be grateful from here to infinity! vote for me: mati rose mcdonough, it takes 1 second. i would win $1,000 towards art making endeavors to make you all more art and giveaway treats!

speaking of giving… fredflare is offering free shipping on my prints if you put in “bigbang” in the discount code and it automatically calculates $7.95 OFF at checkout. yay!

on a silly note, i was just writing to my friend diana that i feel like a politician garnering votes, and that if i were president,art supplies for everybody!!! wouldn’t that be nice? congress could break out their crayons and draw pictures instead of funding war. hmmm. ok, there’s a reason i’m an artist and not a politician, but a girl can dream… vote for me please!

blowing big kisses!