lately i’ve been feeling a bit overwrought from the fullness of life. too much birthday. it’s something not to complain about, i know. i am grateful, it’s just important to make space (especially for slightly introverted artists to unwind and be still). note to self.

i’m waiting for my laundry to dry & processing my weekend brimming of fullness. it started off with excitement on friday by going to the much anticipated frida exhibit with dear artist friends christine, visiting from LA & hometown girl kelly. it was packed! it brought me to the place which good art shows do of new ideas. oh yeah, i could paint like this… more 3 dimensional, incorporate more of my own symbolism, bigger, in oils and the list goes on of making mental notes. an important reminder of art and it’s limitlessness.

then on saturday i took in more art with my lovely art school friend christina and our friend nat (hugh’s art school friend from the same school we went to 20 years earlier!) at the “bay area now” opening. again, so packed! and overwhelming in a different way of trying to take in the “nowness” of what is happening in the art scene. i definitely recommend both shows– frida & BAN and they are right next to each other, how convenient!

brunch at samovar with some ahhhmazing ladies

sunday morning i met up over brunch with about 15 ahhhhhmazing women. bloggers whom are all doing incredible things at every turn… almost everyone mentioned the book they were working on or had published! or the human rights work they were part of in foreign countries! such an honor to be in the company of so many fabulous ladies. thank you alex for organizing!

stern grove

then immediately after we went to the stern grove festival where hugh illustrated the art for this year… which includes the website, bus shelters, program, stickers, name badges, tee shirts… he was everywhere! and i was so, so proud. we had a catered table with his entire family, where they poured wine for us at every turn while watching alonzo king’s lines ballet among the eucalyptus trees. simply beautiful.

so basically on sunday night i was a puddle. and while i’ve solidified i also am gearing up for a sure to be incredible weekend in seattle with my friends to celebrate their wedding. i feel really lucky right now to live in a city where i have access to so much art, friends, free concerts and to be in the mix of so much goodness, but i need to ask myself how do i make time to unwind and return to solid and back to my core. any hints? baths are nice although our bathtub is janky and impossible to truly clean (my big dream is of a clean claw foot bathtub). meditation is something i try, but am not very consistent. lately morning walks have been my trick. and writing, which i’d like to get back in the practice of here.

well, until monday sweet readers! in the meantime check out my BIG shop update in progress today with necklaces, tees, baby tees, bags, magnets and originals!

big love to you all,