photo by tracey
i want to speak of the magic of meeting up with 12 women for a retreat on the coast of oregon last week. i went a bundle of nerves. doubting whether or not i should have said “yes”. who are these people? how am i to fit in? who am i to be included with this powerful group of extremely talented and beautiful women who are (with lots of crossover) mamas, writers, cooks, photographers, professors, lawyers and artists. i let go of comparison. i let go of feeling small. i let go of who i thought i “should” be to be accepted. i came away returned back to myself. my 8 year old self. the last day we were there i took a little walk to the tide pools. i climbed up on the edge of the coast barefoot along the barnacles and peered into a starfish and sang to a sea urchin. i thought of how much love i have for this crazy wild world and how i am just where i need to be. i returned to myself and also discovered a loving pirate seeking treasures and trusting in the happy ending.

photo taken by hula

thank you for that.

mati rose