photo of me by the amazing thea coughlin
photo of me by the incredible thea coughlin
i was going to bed last night talking with my husband about how many contradicting emotions i was feeling… my art career is exploding, i gave notice at my 2 day a week job, we’re going to Italy for the month of november (OMG!) after our class… and yet there are some scared, nervous feelings cropping up too. and sad feelings for a couple of dear friends who are going through hard times. i am half elated and half like my heart is breaking. and maybe that is good because i can be supportive and uplifting energy to help these friends through it.

anyway, hugh said, “you’re just a mixed salad” and it made me laugh because it seemed out of no where but exactly right.

as i’m writing this there is a camera crew outside my door for a photo shoot of me and a couple studio mates. crazy. i’m so, so glad i learned some tricks from thea and boho about modeling before….more on that soon!

so on this friday i am grateful for press, amazing photographers, loving my friends and all of you.

OH i almost forgot the winner of this print is…….ROWENA! Send me your address lady~ matimcd(at)hotmail(dot)com
Rowena said…

“My dream right now is kind of a big one and really fits with your post about Squam. I want to buy land and start a kind of art camp, teaching workshops and hosting retreats and creating an artistic community….”

Hell Yes!