wood block
new gallery style wooden block prints ready for hanging + stacking available in my shop

In the spirit of being grateful and hopeful in giving the gift of art… in both the tangible sense and the experience of making… I’m donating $10 from each purchase of a print, original or wood block to Drawbridge, an organization fostering art in the lives of homeless children. That means 3 prints=$30, plus they will match the donation so it really equals $60!! I will be donating the proceeds from today until Christmas.

“The mission of DrawBridge is to provide art programs for homeless and other vulnerable children in an environment that fosters their sense of joy, creativity and exuberance”.

I volunteered a few years ago at Drawbridge facilitating Art on a weekly basis at a transitional homeless shelter. It was an incredible experience and I fell in love with one family of 5 in particular. I remember one day where I brought in a bunch of material, including swaths of my favorite hot pink to make costumes with, and one of the girls who was 11 and super creative asked me if she could keep some for a special project. The next time I went back she had transformed her bed and her room at the shelter that she shared with 2 of her sisters into a magnificent pink canopy~ Indian inspired and incredibly stylish. 

Be well,