merry xmas eve y’alls~
jen lee
this next book is more an invitation to write: Don’t Write: A Reluctant Journal.
more than anything it may reveal how powerful you actually are. In author and sage Jen Lee’s own words~

Don’t write.
It’s too powerful.
It might tell someone how you feel.
How you hurt.
What you don’t understand.

Don’t write.
It’s too powerful.
It will show who you are on the inside to the outside.
It’ll blow your cover,
your nice reputation.

Don’t write.
It’s too powerful.
You might hurt someone’s feelings.
People may not like your words.
They may attack you, or abandon you.

Don’t write.
It’s too powerful.
It might give others hope.
Let them know they’re not alone.
It might change minds.
Change directions.
Change the world.
So, whatever you do,

don’t write.

… the talented Miss Alex is having a give-away of this book/journal on her blog that ends on Xmas. go here to sign up for her giveaway or here to get it sent directly from Jen.

and that’s not all folks. Jen Lee also has an incredible cd where you can listen to her brave & healing stories… her voice is like butter on warm bread. i’m loving listening to it as we wrap presents for the nieces and nephews. (plus it’s steeped in more goodness~ the cover photo by hula + design by tracey).
solstice-jen lee
get the cd on jen’s site or cd baby.

hope you have a peaceful next few.