I can’t believe it.  It’s already the first week of February! 

Tomorrow, Friday Feb 6th is the opening of the 5th Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta! It snuck up on me…
I decided for this show that I would paint all elephants with patterned speech bubbles, since they’ve been such a hit. One ellie in nearly every color. 
My thoughts around the elephants are that they are symbolic for both being lucky in many cultures, but also that they are “the elephant in the room”, but instead of being silent that they are bursting with color and many of their bodies are collaged from words… type from old books and handwriting from old italian letters that I found in the Florence flea markets. Their speech bubbles are made from a combination of scanned in fabrics, art paper and bits of ephemera.
please check out the show at Nahcotta if you’re local and if not then you can see them on line and purchase them too!