utah, oh utah
creating away
the nesters

dear art nesters,

i asked you to write a letter to your selves with your intentions for the class and now i’m writing you a letter back of gratitude.

thank you. my heart is exploding in a million pieces in the best way. i fell in love with each and every one of you and your unique stories, unfolding before us. and continuing to inspire all of us.

thank you. i will forever remember you who had never picked up a brush before, you who found her friends among us, you whose mom told you her art sucked and pushed on, you who found your confidence, you whose first piece i purchased! you who is getting married…the many of you who re-built your lives post-divorce, you who are mammas balancing their creative dreams and families, you who turned 40 and anew, all of you who inspired me with your passion and contagious enthusiasm and for letting me guide you as a newbie teacher.

thank you especially candice, julie and cossandra for creating the space to make it happen. i miss the mountains of utah… sigh.


ps-i stole photos from kelly rae. more good ones from kari 🙂
pps-see kelly + my collaborative paintings here too from the week before in seattle. good times!