britt hermann

i’m honored to brag about one of the many talented students from art nest. britt hermann folks had only painted, like twice, maybe 3 times pre art nest??? how is this possible? this woman exudes MAD talent. dripping from her fingers! the moon and stars are aligned for this fine lady got home, bought a high quality printer, painted up a feast and now has an etsy shoppe for us all to enjoy!!!

yay! thank you sweet one. i really, really can’t say enough about britt and her beautiful mysterious paintings and drew barrymore doppleganger self (even the flight attendant inquired). ha!
above is the painting (her first sale of many!) that i bought from her. i love it so. perfect. it reminds me of donnie darko in the best way. subtle and sweet and a bit spooky perhaps? you can find the “she prefers white” print here. 
and here is the “rocks + taffy” painting she painted in my class– she spent forever getting that blue just right and it’s well worth it. and this incredible “she is flight” print from kelly’s class. aren’t they amazing?!
very, very proud if i can speak on behalf of all the nest 🙂 anyone else have a new or refreshed etsy shop to share??