a sketch i found i drew of my studio plans
see bigger here.
i found this drawing today in one of my files and it cracked me up… planning my space. am i 8 years?
yes, inside i am. my creative self at least.
it reminds me of similar sketches i would do based on my all time fave “the anti-coloring book”. do any of you remember this?

i totally want to do an adult painting version and have one in the works! any book publishers reading? 🙂

in the 1984 version that my sister and i drew in endlessly pages include these coloring prompts:

– Design the perfect jungle gym.
– What would you expect to find while exploring another planet?
– What is the worst thing about being a kid?
– What surprise can you find in a gum ball machine?
– What would you like to buy for your parents?
– What makes you cry?

so relevant still.