Yes, she does.

I’m a little bit shy posting these, but I really, really want to spread the word of Thea Coughlin and her magic. Thea told me recently that she will be offering portrait sessions at the upcoming Squam Art Workshops and I need to encourage you to have a session if you’re going! People, this is an unbelievable opportunity–book one now before she is full! As you can see Thea is incredibly talented and more than that, she has a way with making one feel completely at ease and glamorous and fun, even shy-er artist folks like me. For reals. You will be amazed… I mean, who is this girl below?


A little back story~ I had never met Thea before (admired her photography on-line), but she instantly made me feel relaxed and my most beautiful self. She was completely un-intimidating and down to earth, funny, generous and a straight shooter– especially when it came to my self-conscious areas… we all have them, and Thea has the tricks of the trade to solve them and is a woman who gets it and hones in on what IS flattering. She has this incredible gold apparatus too that makes the reflective light beautiful, such a pro.

I am especially excited about having these photos when I’m say 75 years to hopefully show to my grandchildren… and then I’ll book another session with them in tow:)… right?! I’m also thinking if you’re an emerging artist, NOW is a great time to have your photo taken for your book jacket, website, cd cover… when it happens you’ll have the professional gorgeous photo to accompany your dream. Or even just as a gift to yourself as to where you are at today. Maybe you’re beautifully pregnant? Celebrating your 30th, 40th, 21st or 51st birthday? Or perhaps a photo shoot with a dear friend? The possibilities are endless, aren’t they? I can completely attest to the power of seeing yourself in a new, strong and dare I say beautiful light. if you’re feeling inclined, shoot Thea an email with questions and to book your session… she’s the sweetest.

Thank you Thea.