good afternoon,

i slept horribly last night and am needing a little pick-me-up of color today. accessories always do the trick!

my sweet as pie friend jenifer’s lovelies of sprout studios are calling to me today especially! i could don a little vintage colorful bobby pin, chunky ring (i have the aqua pow on sale!), or her one of a kind large glass pendants. i have one that has a pirate ship with “courageous” written on it that i always wear when i’m needing an extra bit of love and bravery. i also have a sweet yellow birdie one. both are the perfect heft and are on this amazing bouncy clear cord that is perfect… for it feels durable and elegant at the same time. here are some current faves featured in her etsy shop:
more sprout love
gorgeous butter yellow sprout bobbies
itty bitty roses from sprout
robin's egg from sproutie
i heart sprout's goodies
i also am so, so thrilled to have her BEAUTIFUL umbrella printed skateboard hanging as a painting in my home!

my goodness this woman is so crazy multi-talented… did i mention she’s a k-5 art teacher too? and an amazing vegetarian cook and baker? that girl just whips up crumpets and sweet potato muffins like nobody else. and Pictionary player? mad skills. how does she do it all? and she was just in so many scenes of the rad movie handmade nation doing her thing as part of the craft community. so i obviously cannot say enough about my admiration for jen, so happy to know you darling.

****the BEST part is dear readers is that if you buy a sweet bauble from her etsy or shop just put the code MATI ROSE and get an additional 25% OFF! she’s offering FREE shipping for the month of march in her etsy too!!! wahoo!