when i was up in seattle a few weeks ago kelly mentioned she wanted make a painting for her bedroom on a piece of long canvas to go above her bed. we were excited to try one collaboratively! we’ve worked so well together planning classes, traveling and dreaming out loud about our art. we thought it would be fun to see what it’d be like to paint together and we also wanted to break in her new studio and try out her camera! here is kelly’s account! the above is our sped up seemingly manic monkey painting (it was filmed over the course of an hour). so fun and seamless working together! i’m wishing snippets of the conversations of art, life and hysterical expressions were captured, more than our backsides;) next time!

i like how you can see our process of making a mark, wiping it off and trying again differently. so true to life, right? here’s the finished painting now rested above kelly and her husband john’s bed. i’m realizing there are so many points we could have stopped at and then we could’ve kept kept on… that’s the craziest and sometimes most difficult thing about making a painting– when do you deem it finished??

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