I’m excited to share my newest body of work of feather powered poncho people. They are available at the Enormous Tiny Art website for purchase! I’m April’s featured artist 🙂 Feeling like a calendar girl… hee
feather power violet
feather power teal
feather power pink with baby
feather power ochre
feather power black
feather power in disguise

Here is the interview that ETA did with me that was excerpted in their newsletter:

ETA: When did you know that you were meant to be an artist?

Mati McDonough: I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but it’s taken me forever to call myself an artist!

ETA: What is your most vivid, earliest memory of encountering or creating art in your childhood?

MM: I think my first memory of drawing was of moths and pollywogs, age five.

ETA: Do you have a favorite gallery? If so, what?

MM: Honestly, I am not just saying this to curry favor, but growing up in the Seacoast area, i always *loved* Nahcotta and dreamt of being in a show there some day when i grew up and hey, voila! I love so many galleries though and feel lucky to be in a few, namely yours!

ETA: Do you listen to music while you draw/create? What’s the CD/album you can’t stop listening to right now?

MM: Oh such a good question! Music is essential to making art for me and helping me get in the zone. Bon Iver, She & Him and CocoRosie have been on solid rotation today. Ohhh and my friend just dropped by the newest Lucinda Williams earlier called “Little Honey”. I love her achy voice so.

ETA: Louise Bourgeois is quoted as saying, “Art guarantees sanity.” How do you feel about that? Agree? Why?

MM: YES, absolutely. I think it’s a perfect outlet for channeling your crazy thoughts. It’s meditative too. I also think from a developmental standpoint art making helps you make decisions and work out alternatives. Like should I put blue or chartreuse here and how can I resolve this issue of the little man jumping off the page. I think art education should be mandatory and integrated into all subjects for this reason and so many more.

ETA: What would your pseudonym be?

MM: Let’s see… “Uncle Floyd” is a grumpy alter ego I inhabited once for the purpose of art making– to free myself from making “cute” art. It worked, but then the cuteness crept back in! I’ve accepted it. That’s an alter ego though. I actually love my name and just wish people would pronounce it right, so my pseudonym would be phonetic: Matey Rose, maybe preface it with “Argh”.

Thank you for reading!