i’m feeling so much gratitude for my dear husband hugh and how he not only supports me as a partner, but also in my journey as an artist. sometimes it’s challenging to be in an artist couple. as my mom said yesterday, “it takes little to make you 2 happy”. it’s true. we have our imaginations and sketch books and are not materialistic, well, except for our growing art collection on our walls and need for art supplies;)

this photo i always thought really goofy in our pjs, hats and morning faces. our talented friend tom took it one morning to use up the last of a roll. we were living above him and his also talented partner monica, actually hugh and i were squished together with all of our worldly possessions in one room in our friend nigel’s flat after a couple months back in maine and in oaxaca, mexico almost 6 years ago!

we have a beautiful apartment and studio space now, yet even if we were squished in one little room again with just a couple trinkets, i think we’d be just fine.

this song spoke to me this morning on this topic of no money, honey.

ps- hugh’s caption for this photo is: back from mexico, no $, lots of trinkets.