Denise Rocking the True Love necklace
* Beautiful Denise, Boho Girl in the True Love Necklace. I love how she added her own beads! As always I love to see my art on your body (hee) or in your home… so please send me photos 🙂

There’s just one True Love Necklace left in my shoppe!
* the Avett Brothers~ so good. blue grassy with a twist. thanks jesse long for the rec!

* The Incredible Print Show which I’m partaking in… scroll way down 😉 so many amazing artists!

The First Annual Squam Art Show

* The First Annual Squam Art Show! The deadline for submission is swiftly approaching, but so very do-able… April 30th!  Info for submission here

* My friend and student in Cortona, Italy Laura’s new blog (she is lucky enough to live in Cortona year round and share with us the good life). She’s also an incredibly talented artist and textile designer to boot.
* My friend Sofia’s AMAZING unique earrings that when I wear I get compliments on at every turn. so excited that she opened up an etsy shop named forage studios! she is super talented. 
my friend sofia opened up an etsy shop!
love love love xxxx