Good morning!

I’m thrilled to participate in amazing author Dr. Brene Brown’s give-away today! Brene, brene, brene is a force to be reckoned with. My goodness. She is a super power. And encouraging of us all to live authentically and whole-heartedly. I admire her so.
elephant GIVEAWAY!
I’m giving away 3 signed prints of my newest elephant painting!! This green (I love this color so) wholehearted elephant has a little bit of pink on her belly from an old collaged note that leaked. I felt it appropriate to leave it as a peeking out of her heart and imperfection….
Brene asks these questions today:

1. Who/what are you trusting today?
2. Who/what are you grateful for today?
3. Who/ what is inspiring you today?

In brief~ I’m trusting my inner artist, grateful for good coffee and inspired by old friends.
Now go over to Brene’s to enter the giveaway please 🙂