at her new home

i am thrilled when people send me photos and letters of how much joy my art brings to their home and sometimes (when it’s wearable like my necklaces) on their bodies.

lutterlagkage from sweden bought this painting from the enormous tiny show (still a few feathered power ladies and one lucky elephant left!) and shared with me this lovely photo and note about the painting: She’s got healing power and she reminds me to be the woman I truly am – every day!

i love the photo of wallpaper from her house tour (i can see why she liked the colors of the painting!) and her vintage crafted shop too, so much.

… i also love how you stumble across something on-line which inevitably leads to another amazing trickle down discovery… like this video featuring the music from the band called renee & jeremy on the website of lutterlagkage, which then inspired my discovery to lead my friend pixie (who wooow!! has beautiful new art work and an etsy shop now!) to go to their show in LA 🙂 small crazy connected world i say, or as they say “it’s big world”, but feels little: