my original painting in kelly's living room
kelly sent me a photo of my original painting she scooped up from my shoppe. it fits in perfectly in her house. i love it. her stylin’ is pretty perfect too. especially the green couch!

please keep sending me photos of y’all in my collab necklaces, shirts and art on your walls. it makes me insanely happy. more shirts and necklaces will be available at the SF renegade craft fair in july!

i’m in maine now… settling in to a routine and the frenzied count down below seems like such a distant place as i gaze out to our lush green yard and slow down. more on this later!

THANK you so much for all your kind words of support for my 1/2 marathon! i DID it. many profound thoughts along the way around leaning into my pain and strength on mile 10-13!

thank you also for all tremendous shoppe support and patience while i take a vacation and temporarily close it. you can still shop, but i won’t be sending till july 1st 🙂