1) renegade craft fair + new necklaces!!!
i’m sitting in my office surrounded by boxes of all my renegade goods! i embarrassingly greeted the delivery person twice in my bathrobe this morning. so yes, all bay area folks please come to renegade craft fair this weekend at fort mason! you will not be disappointed, i promise. i’ll be at booth 6th in the front with a hot pink table cloth, so you really can’t miss me if you try 😉 please stop by and say hello!

new ones for renegade!

in particular, the”true love” collab necklaces are freaking GORGEOUS! i really want them all for myself. we will be making more batches and listing them in my shoppe, so do not fear people if you are swooning over them like i am and they run out. in kristen’s words~
i oxidized all of the wire to give it an aged appearance. the beads are all semi-precious stones, high quality Czech glass and vintage. all are 18″ long. the solder is lead-free and waxed (hence the shine). something clicked when i soldered this time and i figured out a way to thicken it up which is why they look even more amazing than usual!!

2) models, yo! somerset life magazine
yes we are
more news and excitement that i meant to report on yesterday is that while kelly was visiting from seattle she mentioned that the article she wrote featuring our photos (as in we were models, a first!) was rumored to be on stands! we dashed over to the closest large bookstore and sure enough there it was! this is us laughing hysterically in the aisle like highschool (of course to intensify the funniness of the moment, the photo was taken by a local bartender hipster i recognized from the mission). it was hilarious and i’m sure we caused a little scene! not to mention that my dear husband hugh’s cover illustration for 7×7 was magazines away! it was quite a moment. then we went and bought some….um spanx, yep. how’s that for supermodel?

the photos were taken by talented denise andrade and it’s available on news-stands as well as on-line. it’s beautifully written. congrats denise + kelly! not to mention kristen since it features our necklaces too 🙂

inside somerset life

3) registration for an artful journey is now open!!
i was writing to my friend heather who was asking if the class was going to be intimidating and it got me really excited about teaching the class. here’s my response:
The class is going to be really fun and not at all intimidating. We’ll be making a coffee table book from a vintage book filled with watercolor paper that we’ll be able to experiment with. We’ll be playing. i want to emphasize that… it will be very free and exploratory and we’ll have 3 whole days to deepen into our creative space. I’m teaching it with my dear friend Kelly who is also really and nurturing, so no worries on that front.

4) sweet interview + press:
i was interviewed by the talented stephanie levy on her blog “artists who blog”. there are some terrific interviews on her blog. a real treat to participate!

also i just saw today that i was written up on cookie magazine’s blog today! yay! that’s one of my favorites.

alright, thanks for all your support in my art and for reading!

and an especially big thanks to my interns jenny and caitlin for all your help this week prepping for renegade. i couldn’t have done it (well not with so much fun) with out you.