my heart has been heavy this last week with family sadness and feeling far away from them during this difficult time. tonight i feel like i got a window of lightness and i want to capture my view. spending time with our 3 year old niece lily and her cute ways “silly auntie mati + hugh” she called us many times. walking down the street hand in hand with her and hugh swinging her every few feet up into the air… whee! so cute. watching her eat chocolate ice cream and how it got on her nose and she smeared it all over her face.

niece lily at humphrey slocombe
taken with hugh’s i-phone

then walking back home with hugh carrying her in his arms and her holding my hand while she was in an ice cream daze. children can be such an anti-depressant, i swear. then some uplifting and energizing friends who stopped by took a seat on the floor with us and told some stories. the whole night made my heart swell. yes, i remember that feeling. thank you.
and for some added comic relief we present the 4 stages of courtship:
the 4 stages of courtship

interpret as you will~my take is 1) hmmm 2) lust 3) wtf 4) bliss

also a really sweet website that i’m quite honored to be part of called the goodheARTed. take a peek!