i just got the best new business idea! i was sitting at my favorite little beach in maine called seapoint and like a lightening bolt the name and concept of the business struck. nothing revolutionary and an extension of what i’m already doing, but it feels so exciting and good that i must capture that intial feeling here.

ideas are fleeting in… i can already envision the business card and the steps i need to take! wahoo! i love it when creative ideas after much mulling crystalize like magic and it just feels right. also, i think coming back east to grieve with my family over a loss of a loved one has allowed me to dig deep at what i want out of life to make it richer and create space for rebirth.

above is a photo from earlier this summer when it was all but raining and foggy and now it is hot and humid, with a capital H!

off to lunch! craving seafood and am in the right place.