morning cafe

(see bigger here~ the view from my hotel in cortona, italy)

mondo beyondo has been rocking my world!

i identify as a dreamer. i think in particular as a child i was always dreamy. a head in the clouds kind of girl. now i’ve seen how this ability to day dream has paid off in my creative pursuits. it’s become part of my process as an artist to be able to let my mind wander while i’m washing the dishes, folding the laundry and especially while i’m painting and dreaming up new paintings. it also has probably been a good coping mechanism when times are hard.

to quote Eleanor Roosevelt~
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

i really believe in this. it takes dreamers to build a better future. to believe in magic combined with hard work and focused intention pays off. a little stubbornness in the conviction of your dreams helps too!

i’ve been looking back at some of my older dreams and how so many of them have come true. i really believe in the power of writing these dreams down and how that catapults you further. especially when you share them with others. my list from my 32nd year while in some cases humble (running sneakers) has mostly come true and then some. i could have never dreamed that by putting “go to italy” on my list that i would not only go there~ but go for over a month, to teach painting!!! and for our honeymoon! it was quite literally a dream come true on so many levels.

looking back to when i first started this blog i wrote a list after my 29th birthday. i love how i also included dreams that i had already accomplished and acknowledged myself for those. that really is key. to celebrate in the process! relish the dream making and then enjoy them as they pan out. rather than just moving on to the next check box!

i have to include that in dream making it is not always about the glorious dreams either, but about the broken bits as well and figuring out ways to heal those and move forward. this is almost more dream like for me to imagine say~ conquering my recent fear of flying over winning the lottery. did i really say that? yes. i think the more i move into getting to know myself better these dreams of healing wounds, anxieties and ego are really the biggest leaps. basically to quote someone in my course who commented after reading my dream list that i’m dreaming~ to be happy, healthy and whole.

that said, i do still have some fancy feeling dreams to share (i’ve omitted a few too) during my 33rd (the magic number year!):

* publish a children’s book with an excellent publisher
* publish a creative book that will unfold naturally as i write
* get a passionate, helpful agent
* be an awesome mentor and inspire my interns to make their own way creatively
* expand to textile design and be wildly successful
* live fully and integrated
* relish my time creating and living expansively
* drive in SF confidently, safely and with pleasure
* buy a home in SF in sunny spot with a claw foot bath tub, hardwood floors, a long table for friends, exposed beams and magic spaces and secret gardens filled with art and love
* buy a home in Maine near my family
* be bi-coastal
* make a healthy baby and feel completely excited, at ease and confident and radiant in being pregnant and as a parent
* have a solo show with big lush colorful paintings
* conquer recent fear of flying
* try acupuncture
* continue running and do another empowering race
* feel beautiful on a daily basis
* eat delicious healthy food
* go to the ocean weekly
* continue to grow strong and deeply in love with my husband hugh
* allow space for hugh to follow his creative dreams
* throw more dinner parties that feel full, alive and lovely
* be a bigger part of my nieces and nephews lives
* have a romantic visit to paris with hugh
* surround myself with people whom i love and are emotionally supportive
* embrace my full life

we all have this capacity to dream. dream big wild dreams, but the harder part is believing that we deserve these dreams and then figuring out how to access them. i’m in my 2nd week of my mondo beyondo dreaming course and i feel held and supported by a community of almost 200 other dreamers. it’s quite dreamy, actually. if you feel at all inspired to take andrea and jen’s next course i highly encourage you to sign up!

happy dreaming,
mati rose