last night i had a dream i met georgia o and she was quasi homeless and no one else recognized her. i had the most fascinating conversation with her about art and life and staying true to self. my friend donna pointed me to this footage of 92 year old o’keeffe. i think, perhaps, regardless of your feeling towards her art it is interesting to listen to her talk. i greatly admire georgia for paving the way for future female artists. i read her bio a couple years ago and was struck by what a drastically different time and how her strong willed persistence pioneered the way for us.

i also am a big fan of new mexico, so that piles on the love! last year my friend jessie and i took a road trip to one of georgia’s beloved homes and walked mesas and her paintings resonated anew.

i like in this video if you get far enough she says something like “i tried to paint what i saw. i thought someone could tell me how to paint the landscape, but i found nobody could”. i love this sentiment of sitting down and trying and doing it your own way.

thanks georgia o,