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the last few years i’ve been mediating in my studio before i begin creating… it sounds lofty, but it’s simply sitting on a floor pillow for a few minutes and clearing my thoughts. repeatedly some form of this line came to me “show the world your magic”. finally i wrote it down and tacked it to my studio wall just like so.

when i get stuck and overwhelmed with the oodles of art and trends and thousands of ways of doing things. i now simply look up and say “mati, show the world… you… your magic”. what no one else has that is uniquely YOU. this is not easy mind you, but it helps to start from this place and eliminate some of the creative clutter and doubt.

next i try to remember that place that children occupy so easily of delightfully sharing their work “the look what i did mentality”. i try to get to the most uninhibited place where i blow away all inner and outer critics out of fear of feeling foolish, overly romantic, sentimental, childish… the list goes on of course (i have well developed critics) and stay true to myself and the vision that wants to come through me and onto the page.

i think this mental state works well in art making, but it also carries over to any aspect of one’s life. what is it that you want to share with the world that is your mark? what is at your core?

the part where magic comes in is perhaps an extension of the definition~ an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source. it’s coming into your power from a deep source and trusting that it is safe to communicate your unique vision. and if you don’t as martha graham says… it will be lost.

i realize i may be losing some of you (i feel my own cynicism jab), but i think that’s part of the process of unearthing your *magic* is to come up against this resistance. what if i don’t have anything to share? what if i’ve lost my way? what if i don’t exactly know yet… yes. all of these are fears that bubble up to surface and then it is our job to trust our voice and move forward.

i share this with you as an invitation. in the hopes it might get someone out of a creative rut. and because i am personally on this path of unfurling my own creativity. and because it’s confusing in the midst of trend forecasting and the immediacy of art and design blogs (that i personally adore down to the bones) to not be insanely influenced. it’s challenging to slow down, listen close and strive for original ideas and to own your*magic*. i think it takes lots of practice and heaps of encouragement.
thank you hugh hands + feather, fern and bougainvillea care of bernal hill.
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