it’s funny to realize how natural blogging is to the artistic process. i have stacks of notebooks filled with notes & inspiration pre-blog… these date back to 2002 (3 years before i started this blog in 2005).

i kind of miss this old school way of cutting and pasting. i do still keep 3 ring binders filled with clear sleeves where i put inspiration from magazines. alas, the on-line world has made it so incredibly easy to inspiration gather… almost too easy and fleeting. i have to say i like a little hunting for my treasures! i appreciate as i’m looking back on these pages how i naturally grouped the inspiration by color, shape and theme. it’s also personally reassuring for me to look back after 7 years and with the influence of blogging and art school that the essence of what inspires me remains intact.

anyone else keep tangible inspiration? how do you store it? is there a theme that you notice? how has blogging affected this process?