I sent my painted mannequin down to LA last week to join 15 others painted on by amazing artists. What an incredible and intense experience of painting on another body… as I was painting I felt a tickle in the places I was painting on. A little shiver down my spine, a chirping at my chest, and yet the mannequin or more aptly called “dress form” since it was only the torso, was much thinner and bustier and more idealized than I and most…. which brought up other conflicting feelings to ponder as I painted.

In any event, I ended up loving my mannequin and the experience of painting her. I can’t wait to have her back in my studio and hope she has a blast hanging out with the other beauties. She is for sale too… at a high price as I’m counting on her return unless someone really loves her as much as I do đŸ˜‰ I’m imagining her as a great prop for future necklace photo shoots and the like!
Thank you Anne for all your hard work in organizing and hosting this spectacular show and concept! To Christine too… who has listed all the show deets and painted on the first mannequin to inspire the show!
I wish I could see them all in person, but I look forward to the photos! I’ll be here celebrating Hugh’s dad’s 77th (!!) birthday and going to some great local shows including my friends Lisa and Amy’s show at Rare Device. Bovids are very fun!
Mati Rose
…. coming up are some photos from Dia de Los Muertos from earlier this week!