purple butterfly

i just went back into the archives of my blog– so glad i never erased them– and was cracking up and how candid and funny they were. i kind of miss that girl. i’ve gotten so, um, all biz on this blog. i did read this little gem that i thought i would share in regards to where i felt when i started 5 years ago and how i have come more into myself, but am still always growing art and life wise. aren’t we? after teaching recently and then conversations with my interns… i thought this was pertinent to share. xooxox

it is weird being at the initial point of my transition as an artist. knowing that growth is inevitable, and to some extent i am in charge of how much. hoping not to dissapoint myself. not to judge too harshly. to put all of my body into it and have patience with my learning curve. to realize that my work will in some way be unique. trying to stay in the moment and not anticipate. wanting to grow more into myself, fully and strong.