while i was in maine my mom had the good idea of revamping her plain beigey lampshades. of course we didn’t start until the day before i was to leave and the adrenaline kicked in!

my mom primed it first with a coat of primer and then we went to town with regular old house paints and brushes. my mom is so resourceful. i swear. i was doubtful when i saw the crusty old buckets of house paint and dull brushes, but it totally worked. the painter snob that i now am felt reluctant since i have spent hundreds… ahem thousands… of dollars over time on high quality paint and tiny delicate brushes and was doubtful that we could make it look good with less than that. yet with my mom’s vision and a couple of coats we persevered! maybe it will inspire you as well to bring out your paints & brushes and liven up your lampshade!
i’ll share more photos of my family’s colorful maine home in a later post!