is it just me or do other folks see their names in words? auto-mati-c is another that comes to mind!


to me, today’s painting feels like it’s about transformation. i’ve been doing a lot of research on elephants lately for a kid’s book i’m trying to write. elephants are symbols for all sorts of luck and especially white elephants. elephants grieve and remember their bones, are matriarchal and they paint! how amazing is that?

butterflies are also symbols of transformation and i find it funny that i truly struggled recently painting butterflies… then it dawned on me that i was having my own painting transformation through out it.

so interpret the painting as you will… it’s 8×8 on canvas with a 1 1/2 inch side. it’s painted with acrylic, ink and silver leaf and available HERE!

mati rose

ps- i’m glad so many of you related to my previous painting of the day. i felt a bit sheepish about listing it because i thought it might be too revealing of my grumpy morning character!