Taken on our friend’s Olive Farm in Tuscany

I’m disappearing into paintland for 2 upcoming shows and an exciting collaboration to unveiled soon with my good friend Lisa Congdon. In the meantime I’m trying to post daily with a quick painting and hello from me. I realize how quickly I’m moving these days– I totally just re-read and corrected what I wrote yesterday because I had written it so fast it was illegible. So I’m going to try to focus and sloooow down and make time for tea and treats. I wish the same for you all!

I just got a sweet text from a new friend about how she was inspired by my “gentle spirit and movements towards abundance… and that it reminded her that it was not only ok, but absolutely necessary to usher in that abundance”. I am likewise really inspired by her witnessing and acknowledging this for herself. YES, I think part of this abundance talk is to encourage others to do the same. I also really appreciate that she noticed how I was gently ushering it in. It’s easy to think you have to be aggressively hunting it down and go against your true nature. And I can’t help, but think A Bun Dance like a reader pointed out!

If you haven’t read Kelly’s post on this topic, it’s powerful.

Another thing I wanted to share is this great poem and video about being alone.

As an artist I spend a lot of time alone and crave it when I don’t. Yet also really love my friends and am in the complete middle of the introvert/extrovert on Myers Briggs, but if I had to choose I think solitude fuels me… INFP case you wondered. hee.

And you, any Tuesday news, thoughts on Abundance, solitude or your Myer Briggs results?