Hey guys!

My good friend Lisa Congdon is teaching a 3 day painting class in the mountains of Oregon… swoon! I would so love to be part of her class. Lisa is someone who I’ve admired from day one for her generousness, talent, passion, color and fashion sense and big smile & heart.. aww. I love her and her art and cannot sing enough praises for her person and how phenomenal this class will be!! You will learn so much! There are only a few spots left– hope you can be the lucky one 🙂

lisa's class

San Francisco mixed media artist Lisa Congdon is teaching a three day painting workshop in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon! Sponsored by ACE CAMPS, this workshop is a once in a lifetime experience! Lisa will work with you to explore how to create their own paintings of the natural world—as you see it—through your own distinct vantage point. Lisa will lead the group in exercises designed both to help you see the idiosyncrasies in the natural world and to draw and paint them in your own unique ways. Participants will learn to recognize and honor their own personal perspectives and translate them into their paintings and drawings. Environment will be easy going, enjoyable and safe! Delicious meals and time built in to relax and enjoy the woods are part of the whole deal.

Lisa’s daily sessions will include walks in the woods, observations, discussions, and exercises in painting and drawing.

Artists of all levels, from beginner to experienced are encouraged to participate.

Space is limited, so sign up today!