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after much thought, i finally decided on my “word of the year”= nourishment! last year (well mid-year really) i chose abundance and i feel it really happened in every aspect of my life, including dress size unfortunately;)

i feel sick for the 3rd time with a cold this winter, which makes me stop and think about what lesson am i learning? well first to slow down and take measures to boost my health… which led me to nourishment of my mind, body and soul.

v nourish [?nari?, (American ) ?n?:-]

to cause or help to grow, become healthy etc.
adj nourishing

giving the body what is necessary for health and growth

an alphabetized (bc i’m funny like that) list of what nourishes me that i want to bring into 2011…

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*letter writing

Paola Navone’s summer refuge on the Greek island of Serifos (a feature in Elle Decoration, August 2010 via Poppytalk

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mati rose
ps- what are your words of the year if you have one?
pps- all these photos are from my pinterest! love!