well hello,

my studio wall

it’s been a few months now and i’m finally feeling like i’m settling into a routine at our new studio space. this morning we had our first writing class with laurie wagner and i feel like i experienced a little bit of church and returned to myself after weeks of feeling flurried. it dawned on me how this is all really happening. how after so many years of risk-taking, sacrifice and preserving my dreams to live full-time as an artist; that right now all my dreams are coalescing and being realized. and i’m so happy that we have a space to share with other artists, dreamers and explorers.

ring collection in shades of blue

we took a leap of faith with this studio space and it has been awesome to see how people have responded and how organically and right everything feels. it has also been a tremendous amount of hard work getting it together and essentially starting a new business while being full-time artists!

my paintings from flora's class

we have hosted several parties, a benefit for a sweet kitty, craft nights, a bike mechanic class and several incredible weekend classes. we now have a gallery page with our classes with flora + tracey and regular bits of our studio life taken by my studio-mate stef. we have some really amazing ones coming up! i’m truly excited about all of them and hope they are all a go… we need folks to sign up for them! i really want alena hennessy’s to happen because i’ve been a long time admirer of her work. so sign up folks, if you’re on the fence, so we don’t have to cancel them due to low enrollment pretty please!

here are some shots of our space i took today after a long hiatus with my camera (and blog!). the teaset and omg! pillow were gifts from my sweet hugh from his trip to england last week. and the coffee table i found on the street that i have BIG plans for đŸ˜‰

tea set + omg!

here is the view from my painting desk. isn’t it nice and airy?

view from my desk

come stop over for some tea real soon!