Hello friends!

Just a reminder that GET YOUR PAINT ON :: BEYOND THE BASICS starts this Monday, October 24 and it’s not too late to register!

This five week course is just $139 and includes:
-Tons of video demonstrations by Lisa and Mati showing you how to paint in their own words and with their own hands!
-Lessons include using inspiration, transferring images, color mixing, layering technique & creating depth and dimension with paint
-Cohesive, supportive online environment with fellow classmates plus Mati & Lisa offering feedback and support

Use this course however you like! It’s open to ALL levels!
-Take it at your own pace! (no strict schedule)
-Participate in the course environment to the extent you are comfortable (you don’t ever have to post images of your paintings if you don’t want to!)
-Take the information that is relevant to you and use it how you like

We’d love to have you! To register, go here or just click the button below. You will have plenty of time to get your supplies and get ready to paint during the first week of class.

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See you in class!
Lisa + Mati