The author copy of my book arrived! I happened to be home when the fed ex man delivered it and I said, “I think this is MY book”. And he looked at me quizzically, like “of course it’s yours, I’m delivering it to you”! Then I spent the rest of the morning looking through it quietly alone (freaking out), ran some errands at Target with it in my bag–freaking out, thinking no one knows MY book is in my bag! then went to yoga to try to calm down. Finally I went to my studio and my mates properly freaked out alongside me! It’s arrived! It’s been such an epic journey in the making and I am so proud. This has been a rough 6 months and it’s really delightful to have something to celebrate!

I had to have a little celebration for it with dear friends and champagne!

The intro to the journey… “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” – Helen Keller

One of my favorite spreads… from a day on the docks with my amazing photographer gal leslie sophia lindell.

You can buy it from me here, autographed and with a special print included! It’s also available on amazon (check out more sneak peeks there).