This year has transformed me. I’ve never felt so broken open, down on my knees in grief and gratitude. For life and love. I am humbled by the process of heartbreak, divorce and rebirth. It mirrors the creative process beautifully.

I’m starting this year over again, starting today, I welcome you all to do the same.

Hello March, hello restart!

First I want to honor these amazing feats of the last year that happened side by side– joy with heartbreak:

* My book “Daring Adventures In Paint” was published and graced #1 on Amazon In Arts Books!

* I launched a furniture line with my art on a flippin’ couch!!!

* I co-taught an epic online class with incredible collaborators that was my own medicine, balm and healing process.

* I illustrated 2 super cute kid’s books that are now out! Originals from the Birthday book are available in my shop now! 

* I taught numerous in person painting classes whose students changed me.

* I started creative mentoring and helping people find their magic! {I wrote an ETSY article with quick ways to find yer MAGIC!}

* I had an art show of cathartic work and embraced the color BLACK!

* I co-ran an incredible art studio whose partnership, community and classes brought so much growth into my life.

I am so grateful. I could not have done this alone. There were so many collaborators, teachers and creatives who have touched my life this year.

Studio Sale

After 2 years, we are shutting the doors to our workshop studio space. This will allow the 3 cofounders the opportunity to focus 100% on our creative businesses! Yay! Painting!!!

Today only we are having a studio sale at Teahouse Studio with furniture, art supplies and ART!

My art is 1/2 off at the studio & I’m going to do the same for TODAY ONLY 1/2 OFF IN MY ETSY SHOP with codeNEWSTART

Mati Rose